I have elected Erica to join a small and select group of senior teachers who are Guardians of the Forrest Yoga legacy.  Erica has proven herself over and over again to be willing to look at difficult truths.  I trust her understanding and integrity as a teacher, which includes her willingness to continue to evolve, to look at her mistakes, and to grow.  These attributes are crucial and invaluable to Forrest Yoga.

Erica brings an honesty and integrity to the classes she teaches, creating a sanctuary for her students to do that same deep and rich work, to go past the difficult issues and connect to and own parts of themselves that they were unable to reach on their own.

I believe that Erica’s deep understanding of physiologically friendly sequencing stems in part from her lifelong immersion in music.  Her sense of compositional shape, improvisation, and rhythm segue into her feel for yoga sequencing, the rhythms of the class, and of the human body.  Her keen intelligence allows her to move intuitively, makes her quick to respond to whatever the moment needs, and helps her students heal from past injuries as well as attain poses and mastery of the poses in ways they had not imagined.  All this adds to the beauty of Erica’s teaching.

I welcome her into this next level of guardianship.

Ana Forrest
Forrest Yoga
Erica Mather is a yogic force of nature. Her ability to engage the intellect and demand physical endurance has made her a sure bet for NY yogis.

Tevis Trower
Balance Integration
Erica is one of the best teachers I've come across in a long time. Her fiery spirit and wealth of knowledge makes her someone that students can learn from, both on and off the mat — for a lifetime.

Sadie Nardini
Sadie Nardini
Erica gets me to do things I don't want to do, eat things I don't like, talk about private personal stuff, and has on occasion scolded me in front of the class. I have rarely felt so at home.

Years of stress, a sedentary and inactive lifestyle, and some serious medical issues left me physically depleted and spiritually hollow.  In an attempt to build back some strength and flexibility into my 50+ year-old body, someone suggested yoga.  After my first class, I felt old, off-balance, and incompetent.  The next several classes left me feeling weak, frustrated, uniquely inept, and discouraged, to say nothing of feeling completely out of place (and a bit emasculated) in a studio filled with women moving gracefully.  Men are hardwired to push to win and like many who try it, I struggled with the agonizingly noncompetitive nature of yoga and was becoming more completely confused.  I was about to seek answers elsewhere when it was suggested I work with someone individually.  I initially resisted this since, after weeks of trying to hide in the back (tough to do in a yoga studio) this would engender an even greater level of scrutiny.  And so it was with this attitude that I began working with Erica.

We have been working together for about 18 months now, which should be testimony enough.  She has me doing things I never thought I could (including eating kale) and has done so by taking the time and effort to come to know me; to find out how best to communicate the spiritual philosophy of yoga necessary to understanding the physical poses.  In so doing, she has become more like a guide and companion on the journey than a simple instructor.  She has helped me begin to develop my own way of teaching myself yoga, and I am starting to learn the physical strength, mental clarity and spiritual wholeness it imparts.  For such a lasting gift, I will be forever grateful.

Jeffrey, Economist, Manhattan
Erica provides inspiration and training not only from her yoga instruction but opens your eyes to different ways of thinking about the question, “how can I make my life better every day?”  You can make your life better with good nutrition and new ways of thinking about not only what you eat, but how you eat. You can make your life better by clearing your mind every morning to relax before yet another hectic day begins. Erica brings the rigor and discipline of yoga together with a holistic approach in trying new ways of improving your well-being and quality of life. She has a gentle, caring, thoughtful way of dealing with the individual needs of the person she is working with. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge, insights and observations with me. It is a wonderful eye-opening experience. Thank you.


Gabriel, Internet Sales & Marketing, Manhattan
Erica Mather is one of the best yoga and personal growth teachers available.
Her yoga classes are engaging and popular and with good reason. Erica is an inspiration. When meeting her and taking classes with Erica, people are immediately aware of her special energy. One of Erica's gifts is her presence. She is keenly sensitive to the needs of her students and is highly intuitive.

In addition to taking open classes with Erica, I highly value one-on-one sessions, when available, in further developing my yoga practice.
She has the talent to be very present and in-the-moment. From this calm space Erica is a powerful coach for personal growth.

Progress in growth and a personal yoga practice, integrated into my daily life, are rewarding results of my work with Erica.

Simon, Business Consultant, Peirmont
Thank you Erica! I just had my first pain-free day in three months. Ten weeks of physical therapy for the torn hamstring & messed-up IT band, which was effective enough to get me back to my yoga practice. But still very uncomfortable – Saturday night I was even thinking I should go back to my doctor to get an MRI or something. Then I take your Sunday class, and everything falls into place. I’m so glad I arranged the day to come to you - your method definitely seems to work!

-Namaste, Avery

Avery, Writer/Entrepreneur, Manhattan
As a 60 year old, post-menopausal  woman, I had lost 1 1/4 inches in height. After 6 months of taking classes with Erica, I knew that my posture, breathing, and core strength had improved, but was astonished after my last physical. I had regained a full inch!!!! It is certainly worth the trip from New Jersey for your Friday morning classes.

Another significant impact Erica has had on me is in my yoga practice. I have worked on computers most of my life, and have problems with my wrists. I've taken yoga classes for 8 years and could not do many postures because of this. Erica adapted postures and then suggested that I try using wrist braces. With them I can now do many postures that I could not do previously. Erica's knowledge, instincts, intuition and attention to the individual student's needs make her an extraordinary yoga instructor. Thanks Erica.

Barbara Beigel, Clown, New Jersey
I originally met Erica a few years ago when I was returning to graduate school.  In class Erica always managed to include shoulder opening poses or other poses to stretch out my back, making me feel like the class was personalized to help me cope with my long hours hunched over books and my computer.  Over the past year, despite my study habits, I actually grew an inch!  A fact I can only attribute that to yoga.  I am grateful to Erica for the help her teaching provided me, physically and mentally, through my doctoral process.

Today I am a much more centered person and physically stronger than any other point in my life, due to my yoga practice.  Erica’s classes are the perfect balance between spiritual guidance and physical growth, which have been a corner stone for shaping my current practice.  I brought my mother (who always loved yoga but had a limited practice because of wrist problems) to one of Erica’s classes and since then she has been consistently coming with me.  Erica’s teachings have changed her also and it has been amazing to share our journey together. Thank you Erica!

Marcie, Graduate Student, Manhattan
Erica has transformative powers. When she arrives in the morning with her broad, pretty smile and positive energy you can't help but feel better about yourself... no matter what your mood. Her acute attentiveness to the most minute nuance of your yoga pose helps you to see and appreciate the power you have within you. Never have I finished a session with her that I have not been transformed into a more peaceful, graceful and calm person. That wonderful feeling of peace is vital in helping me make my way through the day.

Patrick, Interior Designer, Conneticut

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