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End Your Struggle with Body Image and Reprogram for Contentment Using 7 Strategic Mindset Shifts


I'm Erica, and I've created the Adore Your Body Signature System from 15 years of recovery from distorted body image, disordered eating, and compulsive overexercising.

This is a system designed for men AND women of all ages, sizes, shapes, weights, and heights--people who are ready to put down their challenge with body image, free up all the precious time wasted on it, and feel spacious and free at last.

I know you might be wondering if it's really possible to turn the corner, especially if you've been working on your body image for a long time.  It IS possible to find new resources, and to gain a new perspective.  The tools I'm using are ancient, but I give them a new application and a fresh twist.

These tools are working for me. They're working for other people whom I've taught.

I'd like to share them with YOU. 

My GOAL for you by the end of our work together:  For YOU to have a rock solid sense of self, completely free of your internal negative dialogue or the opinions of others. 

  • Would you like to free up all the energy you loose obsessing about your body?
  • Would you like to feel unfailingly confident in front of other people?
  • Would you like to look in the mirror and feel peaceful about what you see there?
  • Would you like to trust that fluxuations in your weight and size are natural and normal?
  • Would you like to use the scale as a tool for understanding your body instead of a judge of it?
  • Would you like to give your body what it needs to thrive, free of fear, or constraint?
  • Would you like to stop comparing yourself to others?
  • Would you like to stop worrying about how much you weight?

Yes? Awesome!! Read on for the steps in the Adore Your Body System

  • 1

    Live Happily

    In this step we talk about what I call "The Happiness Trap." We'll explore what you really need to be happy, and how this is connected to body image and your sense of self.

  • 2

    Enjoy the Greener Grass

    Everybody thinks that the grass is greener for everyone else. Here we'll explore how comparative thinking just hurts you, and get you to enjoy your own green grass.

  • 3

    Question the Mirror

    In Snow White, the Queen requests that the Mirror tell her who is the fairest, expecting the answer to be her, of course. She wishes to be young--her version of perfect--forever. This is impossible, yet many of us suffer from the same syndrome. In this step we will explore how perfectionism is the poison apple for your soul.

  • 4

    Tame the Spin Doctor

    Everyone has a story. And for each story, there is a SPIN. In this step we'll investigate the tendency to "spin," how it hurts you, and how to put a stop to it.

  • 5

    Learn to See What is Real

    Seeing deeply is the result of becoming aware of what's real. As humans, we live under layered veils of illusion. Think Neo in the Matrix. When you see what is real about YOU, it will change your perspective forever, and for the better.

  • 6

    Embrace the Greater You

    You are truly great. And, what you are runs deeper than your corporeal form. Maybe you heard it before, but you didn't really believe it? By this time in Adore Your Body, we'll have laid the groundwork for you to truly BELIEVE, and thus to become...great. Like Alexander. Great.

  • 7

    Tap into the Grid

    Once you've gone through all of the steps of Adore Your Body, you will become aware that the body is more than just flesh and blood. It is stardust (really! Calcium! Metals!) It is energy. It is light. And with that understanding, what you are will expand.

Read on to hear what graduates of the program are saying about it!

Erica’s Adore Your Body Program showed me my own personal self worth. I was devaluing myself by trying to fit into societal norms & molds and forgetting how UNIQUELY PERFECT I am by just being me. I wasted SO MUCH time and energy spent on what I thought I should be or should say and now I get ALL that back to create & celebrate ME!

As a coach Erica has done and EXTENSIVE amount of research & introspection in regards to the concepts in the Adore Your Body curriculum. Erica has translated a deeply personal subject into insights, an understanding of HOW the insights came to be, and a curriculum that another person can follow to experience similar revelations.

For anyone considering the Adore Your Body Program, I want to remind them that knowledge is POWER and it can break up OLD DESTRUCTIVE ways of thinking & feeling about your body. I reached a breaking point where I wanted my DESTRUCTIVE thought patterns to be broken up and wanted to open up to new ways of thinking & feeling about my body and this program did just that.

Melinda Smith, Project Manager

I am so proud of the work that I've accomplished through the Adore Your Body and 90 Day Accountability programs with Erica Mather. Over the 6 week Adore Your Body course, I built new connections around how I feel, feed and treat my body. I've become aware of how I've wasted my energy through unhealthy patterns of making decisions based on how I might attain my ideal body or achieve perfection. That pattern is much easier to catch now and is much quieter, and I can better discern when something is beneficial for me based on how it feels inside my body. I've grown a stronger relationship of trust and admiration for the wisdom and the mystery of my body.

Taking the work from Adore Your Body into the 90 Day Accountability Program allowed me to go deeper with this process of personal growth. Erica is truly skilled as a coach, trust came easily and I really felt held during our coaching calls, which gave me permission to dig in and track the information and insights which were coming up for me. The biggest win for me from participating in this program was recognizing the pattern that I wasn't on my own internal radar, while everyone else was. I've identified that I don't want to live with this pattern anymore, and am practicing looking inwards, feeling what's going on inside, and checking in with myself to help me make decisions based on my own best interest (instead of everyone else's). I've gained greater confidence in myself and am making choices based on holding myself as the highest priority.

To anyone who is on the fence about committing to this program, I can honestly say that through my participation I was able to climb out of a long lived-in rut, and I have gained tools that are helping me continue to create deep transformation in myself and my life.

Anna Schabold, Yoga Instructor

Intrigued!  Good--read on to find out what is in the program.

  • 1

    6 Content Calls

    In these calls we will go over IN DEPTH, each of the steps of the Adore Your Body Signature System. The Content calls will be held live, and there will be an opportunity for Q & A.

  • 2

    Private 30-Minute Coaching Call with Erica

    I've found from experience presenting this System that the information is RICH and takes requires some digesting. These calls are to give you some support doing your homework (yes, there's homework!), to personalize your assignments, and to help you if you are wrestling with any of the new ways of looking at the world presented here.

  • 3

    Recordings of all of the Content Calls

    Like I said, the information is RICH, and repeat listening will help you to absorb and digest.

  • 4

    Private Facebook Group

    It's often helpful to have a community when working on new ways of thinking and behaving. This private Facebook group will give you an opportunity to talk about anything that seems relevant to share, or to ask for support around challenges you are encountering. If you prefer to go through the program in complete privacy, that's O.K. I get it!

  • 5


    Coming soon!

Erica's Adore Your Body Program opened my eyes to many things about myself that I had considered prior, but never truly acknowledged their significance and how detrimental they were to my over-all mental health. I have always been a high achiever and put expectations on myself that were not necessarily unrealistic, but upon attaining them I would feel minimal joy and the objective of which I just reached would shift to something completely different. This rendered me perpetually burdened by seeking this nebulous notion of what I wanted and upon arriving "there" this idea would evolve leaving me with scant pride in said accomplishment. Furthermore, as a direct result of this highly malevolent self-destructive behavior leaving me with a dearth of pride in what I had just done, I would be self-punitive and break myself down mentally, emotionally, and physically ( having just emerged from a prolonged battle with substance abuse) .

Erica helped me acquire the requisite skill set to literally get off my own case, appreciate the small victories and as tacky as it may sound "enjoy the journey" and split with my Machiavellian notion of the ends always justifying the means. Her intuitiveness, empathy and capacity to understand each person's unique set of circumstances while reserving judgment is what sets her apart from other healthy lifestyle coaches and allowed me to open up and share things with her that I haven't even revealed to my own psychiatrist and dearest family members.

If anyone was on the fence about considering signing up for the Adore Your Body Program I would strongly advise them to soak up as much of Erica's wealth of knowledge as they possibly can, because she has for me personally been one of my most valued assists in my recovery from drugs and alcohol whilst simultaneously restoring a set of ideals in myself that I am loved, valuable, and genuine and that the embarrassment and shame from my prior missteps are not something I must carry with me everywhere. She taught me more effectively than anyone I've ever met how to cope with and healthily assuage my guilt from unspeakable transgressions and errors in judgment that occurred while I was under the influence. Erica has truly been a blessing in my life in so many ways and I am lucky to consider her a dear friend, confidant and somebody whom I feel like an open book around, because those kind of people with such wisdom who you can open up to without fear of reproach are incredibly arduous to find.

Aaron Einsidler, Fashion Retail Managment and Buying

By now you're probably wondering exactly how the program will be scheduled and conducted...

  • Everything Happens Over the Phone

    When you register, you will receive all of the call-in information. Miss a call? Don’t worry–there will be recordings.

  • Content Calls will Be Held on Sundays

    Mark Your Calendar! January 4, 11, 18, 25 and February 1 & 8 at 8PM EDT. Miss the call? Though I encourage you to get on each call LIVE, things do come up. There will be a recording.

  • We'll Talk 1-on-1

    The schedule for individual sessions will be released before our first Content Call.

  • Love it?

    If you get to the end of the curriculum and want additional support, I’ll have it ready for you.

Ready to Sign up?  AWESOME.  Here are the investment options.

  • 1

    Investment BEFORE 12/20 at Midnight EST: $797

    When you invest in full you as a BONUS you will receive Erica's 60-minute yoga video!

  • 2

    Investment installments: Non-refundable deposit of $367 and 2 payments of $267

  • 3

    Investment AFTER 12/20: $997

    Act FAST!

There is absolutely NOTHING like this program on the market!

It is utterly unique and deals entirely with your mindsets.

If you have spent years working on your body, but still waste tons of time and energy worrying and obsessing about how it looks, the Adore Your Body System is for YOU.

  • Q.The word "adore" kind of scares me. Can I do this program even if I'm working to "just kinda like" my body?

    A.ABSOLUTELY!  Some days I struggle to adore my body, and liking it is a stretch.  I will give you the tools to have this as a goal, and an eventual outcome perhaps years from now. This program will lay the groundwork.

  • Q.I see this is a group program. I feel really private about this struggle. Will I be asked to speak, or share?

    A.No. Participation in the group aspect it entirely optional. Contribute only if you feel called to! I fell you–body image is such a tender, private issue, just signing up for this program can be a big, bold step! Your privacy is important.  The content calls are fulfilled as a group, but you need not speak.  You will have personal time to talk privately with me, if you need.

  • Q.You're known of as a yoga teacher. Is there a movement component to this program?

    A.Nope.  I strongly advise that you have a movement practice in your life, but this program is purely content.  This way we can really focus on the thoughts that underlie your speech, behavior, actions, and destiny.

  • Q.Will there be men and women in this program?

    A.Probably yes.  If this feel awkward to you, rest assured you will have the option to participate in the Q & A on the content calls–or not–as you see fit.

  • Q.I'm part of LGBT community. Will this program feel like a safe place for me?

    A.I’m not steeped in the concerns of your community, and I want to create a safe place for you. Please reach out to me specifically with your questions, so that I can address them individually. Thank you!

  • Q.What results can I expect from this program?

    A.You will come to see your scale and your mirror as your ALLIES.  You will begin to feel contentment with the body that you have.  You will reclaim the energy that you’ve spent worrying about the way that you look and use it for life goals and experiences that REALLY matter to you.  You will feel compelled to stop comparing yourself and judging yourself and others for the way that you look, and you will have the tools to do so.  You will stop worrying about the last 5 pounds that you’d like to lose.

Erica said to me: “It may seem like very small changes that are happening to you, but they are all part of a big change that is occurring over time."  She was so right! I didn't know a quiet mind could exist for me, and I'm so happy to get to know this new part of myself, which showed up slowly through our work together. The constant comparison, negative self talk, and overall fear I've experienced FOREVER have lessened. It is not gone completely, and I am a bit humbled to realize it will never truly be gone, but it is quieter and less frequent.

Erica has an ability to make a deep personal connection. During each coaching call she made me feel special and cared for, and like what I had to say was very important and meaningful. Erica has a was of putting you at ease and I often felt like I was talking to an older sibling or a good friend—someone you could fully trust and you knew would keep what you said safe. Her personal stories helped me appreciate that we all have our own "stuff" to deal with.

The time spent with Erica and doing work on your own will give you new insights and help you discover new strengths that you, perhaps, thought weren't available to you when it comes to your own self image and self worth. The tools and lessons she provided have made a big impact and I find myself using them all the time. Erica is awesome—you will LOVE her!

Sarah, Yoga Instructor

About Erica

Erica has been working as a coach since 2007, ushering people through transformational experiences focusing on nutritional decisions and life path. She is a certified Holistic Health Counselor.

In 2009 she was selected by her teacher, Ana Forrest, to become a "Guardian"--a senior teacher who mentors and coaches other teachers in the Forrest Yoga lineage.  In this role, she takes students and teachers through transformational experiences over the course of a weekend, or a year.

Erica holds an M.A. from Columbia University and degrees in Music Theory and Music Education from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is a lifelong teacher, and a student of learning and teaching. She is a creator of curriculum, and of methods that will help her students to enjoy success.

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