Holistic Health Counseling

A recent nationwide survey, conducted by Cogent Research of Cambridge Mass., looks into the eating habits and health awareness of Americans, and shows that many of us are trying to stay healthy–but often lack knowledge about how to achieve it.

What is Holistic Health Counseling (HHC)?

Holistic Health Counseling may well be the future of health and nutrition, and presently is a booming area of preventative health care.  HHC is a process where the client undergoes a re-education in how to cook and eat whole foods, unhooking from the industrial food complex while simultaneously examining their relationships, career, physicality, and spirituality, and making incremental changes in lifestyle in order to support happiness and self-actualization.  A Holistic Health Counselor is half “food expert” and half “lifestyle coach”, a personal advocate who, over the course of a six-month program, coaches a client through making nutritional changes in their lives, recuperating his or her relationship with the body, empowering the client with the knowledge to achieve the good health that they desire.

Is HHC for you?

If you are looking for ongoing support with a health-related issue–from weight loss, to IBS–and the kind of ongoing, regular attention that a doctor cannot provide, or, if you are generally in good health but want to know more about food, and learn how to use it to increase your energy, HHC can be a good option for you.  It’s also a great option if you, like the Americans in the survey, just simply never were taught how to take care of yourself in the area of food.

What is the process like?

When you enlist the support of a HHC you will meet twice a month for six months to talk about how the changes in your life are going.  The counselor slowly introduces foods and lifestyle suggestions, giving you “assignments”, recipes, food samples, books, and other goodies.  It’s really about “crowding out” the old habits by introducing and creating new ones that support you becoming the person you most want to be.  Also included are a health foods store tour, and the option to have private cooking classes with Erica.

Where do we meet for session?

We meet at your apartment, out in the city, at a convenient location for both parties, or conduct sessions over the phone.

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