Forrest Yoga Symposium at Omega

Date: October 16, 2015
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
150 Lake Drive
Rhinebeck, New York
Contact Information: Erica Mather
Event Details:

Join me and the team for a weekend process focusing on the Formula for Change. Heck YEAH!

Forrest Yoga Formula for Change provides clear and effective tools for embracing healthy and effective shifts in your life—such as working through the end of a relationship, or contemplating a new job.

Created by Ana Forrest, Forrest Yoga uses deep breathing and vigorous sequencing to connect feelings to the body, engage the core, and build strength. It’s designed to help you build a deeper connection to gut instinct, to reset rather than run away, and to open the heart with courage and grace.

Guided by experienced Forrest Yoga instructors, you experience the four-step transformational process of a Formula for Change through a blend of asana practice and pranayama exercises, Native American ceremony, chanting, meditation, and journal writing. You learn to:

  • Notice when you are repeating unwanted behavior
  • Pause and stop negative behavior
  • Give yourself positive reinforcement for catching the behavior
  • Move forward with different actions

Forrest Yoga Formula for Change helps you discover what needs to change in your life, and how to bring that change to fruition.

Click here for all the information.

Kirsten Adelia Collins, Denise Hopkins, Erica Mather, Leslie Pearlman

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