Module 11: Yoga Clinic: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Putting Your Knowledge to Work | Advanced Yoga Studies of New York @ Good Ground Yoga

Date: December 01, 2017
Time: 12:00 AM
Location: Good Ground Yoga
107-5 Montauk Highway
Hampton Bays, NY 11946
Contact Information: Erica Mather
Event Details:

Module 11: Yoga Clinic: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Putting Your Knowledge to Work

Module 11: December 1-3

In this final module you will:
*Take asana designed for people with injuries
*Learn about the pathology of carpal tunnel
*Learn about assists to help with carpal tunnel
*Give a private session
*and MORE!

Advanced Yoga Studies of New York at Good Ground Yoga

with Erica Mather and Leslie Pearlman

• Are you a Forrest Yoga teacher hungry for ongoing training?
• Are you a yoga teacher from another lineage with a love for Forrest Yoga and want to learn more?
• Are you a yoga practitioner, not looking to teach, but longing to go further in your studies?

Introducing the Advanced Yoga Studies of New York, a year long “module based” 300 hour training for teachers and practitioners looking to advance their yoga practice, teaching skills and love for yoga. Even if you don’t intend to teach yoga, you will discover that many of the skills great  yoga teachers acquire are also useful in other areas in life (in personal and professional relationships for example). In other words, this Advanced Studies course is for anyone looking to learn more about themselves both on and off the yoga mat.


What you will learn

How to build confidence in your voice and teach with clarity and feeling
How to use active language to speak clearly and inspire your students into action
How to sequence and teach a Forrest Yoga Inspired Vinyasa class
About Forrest Yoga Sequencing and what makes it unique and effective
How to modify poses when warranted
How to read bodies, physically and emotionally, as well as the energy of a group or individual
How to work with all types of students: from beginners to advanced
How to help your yoga students with common injuries and yoga-specific injuries your students may develop
How to work skillfully, one-on-one with students, and how that relates to your work in group classes
How to learn to read your students, their practice, and find the assist that fits
How to develop strong empathing skills to read the room on an energetic level
How to touch your students confidently and safely
How to make modifications for bodies of different shapes, sizes and abilities
How to understand that more is less when it comes to safe hands-on adjustments
How to use the various forms of assisting and adjusting from verbal cues to directional signals to physical manipulation
How to use props as tools in adjusting and assisting
How to empower students to find personal levels of self-adjusting

The Schedule:

Each day begins with an intermediate/advanced yoga intensive so you can practice at your level as a teacher.
Each afternoon is dedicated to instruction, discussion, hands on teaching skills, practice teaching, feedback and more.

The Experience:

Advanced Studies Modules are, above all, opportunities for you to focus on your personal growth. Because yoga at its core is a technique for self study, you will discover that these modules will give you greater insight and clarity not only into your teaching but in in your life as well. How? Lead teachers Leslie and Erica will mentor you to look deeper into all the areas of your life. This is the beauty of this program. You are coached how to up level all aspects of your practice— be it in your teaching, in your life, the choices you make, the work you do, the relationships you cultivate and most importantly, in how you come to terms with your own Dharma.

Course Modules:

Module 1: Voice, Cueing, Habits and Authenticity
Module 2: Forrest Yoga Sequencing and Forrest Yoga Inspired Vinyasa Sequencing
Module 3: Hands on Assists and Adjustments Part One
Module 4: Setting Intent and Teaching Embodiment
Module 5: Philosophy; Yamas and Niyamas
Module 6: Hands on Assists and Adjustments Part 2
Module 7: Working with Beginners & Leveling Your Classes
Module 8: Yoga Clinic: Laying Groundwork for Understanding Injury
Module 9: Yoga Clinic: Low Back Disc Injury & Sciatica
Module 10: Yoga Clinic: Disc Injury of the Neck & Shoulder Impingement
Module 11: Yoga Clinic: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Putting Your Knowledge to Work


Module 1: February 3-5
Module 2: March 3-5
Module 3: April 22-23 (JUST Sat & Sun)
Module 4: May 5-7
Module 5: June 9-11
Module 6: July 7-9
Module 7: August 11-13 – (to be rescheduled – stay tuned)
Module 8: September 15-17
Module 9: October 20-22
Module 10: November 2-5
Module 11: December 1-3

Weekend Schedule:

Fridays 5-9pm
Saturdays & Sundays 8-10:45am & 12:30-5:30

How to enroll:

There are three ways to enroll:

Register for individual Modules as interested
You do not need to be a yoga teacher to enroll.
Each module is open to yoga teachers and yoga practitioners.
Each module counts towards Yoga Alliance CET’s.

Register for the Morning Intensives only
Not able to register for the entire weekend?
The morning intensives are designed for practitioners looking to go deeper in their practice.


$425 per Module

$35 Morning Intensive

To Apply

The program is geared toward students with a minimum of at least one year dedicated yoga practice, although we encourage ALL interested and dedicated students to apply!
Please contact for more information and to request our online application.


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