Yoga Workshop Descriptions

Feed the Hungry Heart: A Forrest Yoga Backbending Workshop

Your heart craves nourishment, and sometimes that involves removing stuck gunk around it.  Backbending helps to accomplish this aim.  Also, sometimes your heart is hungry because you’re “asymmetric”–too much outflow, not enough in.  Learn in this class how to navigate this imbalances, and feed your heart throughout.  Doing the poses in a way that feels good to you is critical to learning how feed your hungry heart.

Believe in Yourself, 100%

Learning to believe in yourself is a process that is built on the truth that you CAN do things.  Here in this hip-opening and arm-balancing workshop, we will examine how you structure lessons for yourself that prove and build the truth that you are capable, and worth believing in.  This will be an exciting workshop, open to all levels–there is always a step you CAN do.


Forrest Yoga Backbending Basics

Are you afraid of wheel pose?  Feel like your arms aren’t yet strong enough or it hurts your low back, and therefore, backbending is not your thing?  This class is for you.  Come learn how Forrest Yoga carefully and strategically warms and opens the body so that you can backbend with ease and freedom.  No wheel in this class: there are many other backbends to explore that can help you feel empowered that backbending is really your thing, and–maybe–even to begin hungering for it!


Forrest Core Galore!

It’s what Forrest Yoga has gained its fame–oh, those abs!  But, there’s so much more to Forrest core work.  Here in this backbending class we will cover all the ways that Forrest Yoga tackles building core strength and health continuously throughout a class: in addition to the abdominals, kriyas, bandhas, and “the roll.”  You will leave feeling connected and clear in a new and refreshing way!


Heart of Darkness: The Shadows and the Light

In order to find freedom in your life, you must learn to work with ALL aspects of yourself–the parts you love, AND the parts you despise. This is a workshop where we will explore how to engage with your “dark side” and how to play it off your desire to step into the light.


Mine Your Depths: A Forrest Yoga Hip Opening Workshop

Your hips connect your legs to your core, and your legs stand on the ground, keeping you “grounded.”  When the hips are locked or clogged, it inhibits your ability to connect with the depths of your first and second charkas, cuts you off from the deep wisdom and creative energy that lies there, and also disconnects you from the earth.  Forrest Yoga is an inspiring method that asks you to go deeper, feeling for what mysteries, treasures, and truths are yet to be uncovered in your hips.  In this workshop we will unlock the hips and mine their depths.  This workshop is for all levels of practitioners; you will leave feeling connected to your inherent wisdom like never before.


Amp up your Energy!  A Forrest Yoga Backbend Workshop

In backbends you are deliberately exploring the unknown, arching back into the mysteries of your own experience.  Backbends are exhilarating, uplifting, and absolutely different than our normal way of being.  They run a different amperage through the nervous system, begin to resonate you at higher frequency, and rev-up your energy!  Forrest Yoga is inspiring yoga method that encourages you to dive into the magic and truth of your existence.  In this workshop, you will learn Forrest methods of heating the body, opening it, and backbending deeply with ease and safety.  This workshop is for all levels of practitioners; you will leave feeling the exhilaration that comes from the high-voltage experience of intense backbending!


Truth and Fear:  A Forrest Yoga Chaturanga and Sun Salutations Workshop

Often we resist the truth of a situation for fear of what it will show us about ourselves and our lives; instead we insist on living our fantasies and stories, which always thwart our development both in our lives and yoga practices.  Forrest Yoga is an inspiring yoga method that teaches us how the truth of our existence is far more wild, beautiful, and mysterious than any fantasy we could otherwise concoct.  In this workshop, you will learn Forrest methods for heating and training the body to find the correct alignment in chaturanga, to jump back and forward safely, and to use the bandas to support the low back at all times.  This workshop is for all levels of practitioners; you will leave feeling the exhilaration that comes from connecting to the core, flowing safely though the Sun Salutes, and committing to your own transformation through living in truth.


Delight Your Spirit:  A Forrest Yoga Inversions and Arm Balance Workshop

Your spirit thrives on beauty, challenge, and truth.  Forrest Yoga is an inspiring method that teaches us how to access our spirits and to feed it these things and more.  Inversions and arm balances are challenging and exciting, rejuvenating the mind and body while increasing circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy, and, stimulating the endocrine and immune systems.  Additionally, both arm balancing poses and inversions develop mental and physical strength, balance and flexibility.  In this workshop, you will learn essential Forrest elements of these powerful poses.  This workshop is for all levels of practitioners; you will leave feeling the excitement that comes from connecting to the core, building strength, flexibility and balance, and most importantly, delighting your spirit.


Gravity Surfing:  An Advanced Forrest Yoga Workshop with Erica Mather

Gravity–we experience it every day without really realizing it. It pulls on our bodies, and anchors us to the ground. In this inversions and arm balance workshop, we’ll explore playing with gravity as a force to ride and play within, surfing with breath.


Smart Sequencing for YOUR Body: Design (and Do!) Your Own Forrest Yoga Home Practice

Forrest Yoga teaches embodiment in unique ways, and works in equally special ways to help you heal your own body. Here you be guided through a short warmup and then will learn the fundamentals of Forrest Yoga sequencing, and start to apply it towards designing your own practice for your special needs at this moment.

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