Seven Day Intentional Yoga Challenge

Have you ever done 7 DAYS of yoga in a row?
Let's do it, and you'll find out how it can change your life.

(It really does. If there's something you need support around manifesting,
this is the BEST tool I know.)

Join me for this 7 Day Intentional Yoga Challenge!

When? April 6th-12th, 6:15-7:30AM EST

Where? On YOUR mat, in YOUR living room

How? Using a teleconference line

Here's how it works:

  • Cycle of Creation

    It all begins with an idea, a thought, an INTENT

  • Early Practice Time is Powerful

    If you’ve never practiced in the morning, you will notice how clear you are. It’s deep!

  • Make a Date--Same Time, Same Place

    It’s important to create the discipline of routine. Same time, same place. This brings results.

  • Together Action Makes the Energy Stronger

    We’ll do this as a group. Knowing that other people are on the line grows the energy.

  • Community Discussion

    We’ll have a private Facebook group where you can track, share, and discuss your results.

  • Epiphany!

    Often you’ll learn things that you never imagined or anticipated! It’s exciting.

  • Manifestation

    The results of daily, intentional practice might surprise you!

  • Love and Continuity

    Past participants loved the work so much, they wanted to continue! You may feel the same way.

  • q-iconBut what if I live in a different time zone?

    No problem–there will be playback links so that you can do the class at the time within your own timezone.

  • q-iconWill I have repeat access to the classes?

    For the forseeable future, yes. So you can repeat the course.

  • q-iconWhat if I've already done this program before?

    Each Seven Day Intentional Yoga Challenge will have fresh classes, and a new theme.  Repeat investments will only yield deeper results.

  • q-iconHow do I get on the call?

    When you register I will send you all the call information. You can either use your telephone, or dial in through your laptop.

Jump out of bed to hit the mat by 6:30am?  What?! Three words: Challenging. Refreshing. Instructive. Practicing in the early am allowed me to jumpstart my day in a deeply positive way. The physical practice set a vibrant tone to my entire day. But the challenge is way more than a physical practice. I walked away with a new philosophy towards living my life in a more authentic manner - honoring the intention I set at the beginning of the challenge through my daily actions and words.


Yoga to greet the sun and a shared journey of awakening and self-discovery - how better to open one's day?  There is progressive power yielded in showing up to the mat in shared community and focused practice for seven consecutive days. Each class feeds the next, and the full week journey in the comfort of home provides a safe space for cultivating organic Sankalpah (intention).


Erica’s weeklong yoga-at-dawn class was revelatory for me.  One morning, I suddenly realized that all everything from my abs down was sluggish and unalive, just like my unawake lower chakras!  That I had dragged my body through life using my upper body strength for fifty years! That standing INTO the poses, with and against gravity, in strength and with active, open, and alive lower chakras was about standing.  Up.  Standing Up for my Self.  It was a revelation!


So what do I get when I enroll in this course?

  • Seven, Live Classes, Lead personally by Erica Mather
  • Participation in an online Facebook community of other "Intentional Practitioners"
  • Unlimited access to the class recordings (for the forseeable future)
  • Free Kickoff Call with instruction in how to create an Intent (Sankalpah)
  • Get your questions answered by Erica in the online Facebook group
  • Epiphanies that only you will know happen and occur throughout the practice

Oh, wait!  What's the investment, you're wondering?  Right--$108 (plus a service fee).  This number is auspicious.  Renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. Such phenomena have given rise to many examples of ritual significance.  $108 will be your "offering" or investment in your intent.  It signals a commitment.  The next part, is to do the work, show up, practice.

Congratulations! Best decision this year.
"Practice, and all is coming."  ~Pattabhi Jois