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Erica is a Forrest Yoga Mentor teacher, Teacher Trainer at PURE, and also studies the energetics of money and business from a Taoist and Buddhist perspective.

She offers coaching for aspiring yoga teachers.  When working with Erica, you’ll get individual guidance on how to get work, handle pricing, private clients, envision and pursue life goals, and receive tips on teaching well.  We’ll speak on the phone once a week to keep you on track with your goals.  Monthly pricing starts at $350.  If you’re interested or have questions, please visit the contact page to be in touch. Put “yoga coaching” in the headline.

BUT, If you’re not yet ready for 1-on-1 coaching, check out her teleclasses in the STORE:

Following is a list of her continuing education workshops for teachers.

The Forrest Yoga 3-Day Continuing Education for ALL Teachers.  A refresher for Forrest-trained teachers, or a teaser for those interested, this is a powerful 21-hour curriculum written by Ana Forrest and licensed to her Guardians.  It includes a 120-page manual, three 3-hour asana workshops, and signature Forrest Yoga coaching around hands-on assists, healing modalities, truth-speaking and much, much more.

Erica’s Sequencing Workshop for Teachers: In this nine hour, three day workshop you will learn the basic philosophy behind various traditions’ approaches to sequencing, learn how to sequence a fun, safe, and challenging Vinyasa class, design and teach classes to your colleagues, receive feedback on your design and teaching, and conclude by co-teaching to the community a class you and your class create.  You will walk away with a library of sequences written by you and your colleagues, and a deeper understanding about how to make great classes that guide the long-term evolution of your students’ practices.

Incorporating Forrest Principles into your Vinyasa Class:  I get it all the time in my Vinyasa: “Your class was so…different! I just loved it!”  I always smile and say, “It’s my Forrest training…”  But what does it mean to incorporate Forrest principles into your teaching?  In this lecture/discussion, we will go over the objectives and concerns of each practice and explore the successes and sacrifices of medling the processes, and ultimately, what it means about who you are as a teacher.  Not to be missed!

If you are interested in booking these Continuing Education programs, please email Erica

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