Erica is a lifelong teacher. She began tutoring fellow students in highschool. At seventeen she became one of the youngest ever hires to The Hoofers Outdoor Recreation staff, in Madison, Wisconsin, where she taught sailing and windsurfing for the next five summers.

After college she established a robust piano studio, teaching thirty students weekly, ranging in ages from five to sixty-five. She went back to school to obtain her teaching certificate, and completed another degree in Secondary Ed. Band and Orchestral Education.

Desiring a higher level of teaching, Erica accepted a fellowship at Columbia University studying Ethnomusicology. She quickly discovered, however, that the “higher learning” she was seeking was not the kind one finds in academia. She enrolled in a yoga teacher training with Ana Forrest, to get her bearings after finishing her Master’s Degree.

The skill of Erica’s teaching lies in part in an ability to understand the tools one needs in order to accomplish the things they most desire. Whether teaching yoga or life skills, she brings to bear this powerful skill.

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