Erica Mather presents

Virtuous Fats: Sorting out the REAL Villains

I thought that we had come around to an understanding that foods with fat don't necessarily make you fat.  Then I heard an Ayurvedic chef mention how "fattening" avocados are, and I realized that, if a person with as much knowledge as she possess would still describe the innocent avocado as fattening, perhaps we've not come as far with this information as I thought we had.

So, here, I will lay out for you:

  • What fats are the REAL villains, and which are Virtuous
  • How fats function in your health and wellbeing
  • Some science behind what makes different kinds of fats behave the way they do
  • Which fats to cook with under what circumstances

This is a content rich call, with a TON of information.  You'll want to have a clear head, and something to take notes on when you listen.



  • Tuesday, 11th March
  • 12PM EST

Top three reasons to attend this live teleseminar:

  • You find yourself fearing eating "fattening" foods
  • You're confused about which fats are O.K. to eat, and which are not
  • You'd like to know more about the science of fats, and cooking with them

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